All the programs for YohaS this year were finished.
Thank you for coming,
and we look forward to see you next year.

Phantasmal flower,"Yo-haS (night lotus)",
appear at the surface of the water in CHIBA park.

Main Festival 2018.06.23 (SAT) 17:00-21:00

Pre-Festival WEEK 2018.06.16(SAT) – 06.22(FRI) 17:00-21:00
Place CHIBA park

about YohaS vol.0

Oga-hasu(Oga-lotus) festival 2018, night
~YohaS vol.0~

The first night festival in Chiba park! Fantastic light up and art performance on the aquatic stage It's a Rain festival. "Enjoy rainy night!" (Rain or Shine event)

Oga-lotus is not only a protected species for Chiba prefecture, but also city’s flower for Chiba city, and Chiba city has held "Oga-hasu festival" every year in June when the flower is in full bloom.

This memorable event, "YohaS", will be held as the night entertainment of "Oga-hasu festival", and will be expected as the part of a night economic and cultural promotion event by Chiba city.


Main Festival :6/23(SAT)
・Rain festival (Rain or Shine event)
・Projection mapping for Phantasmal flower “YohaS (night lotus)” on the surface of the water
・World-famous artists’ performance on the aquatic stage
・Special foods and alcohols for lotus

Pre-Festival WEEK & Main Festival: 6/16(SAT) – 6/23(SAT)
・“Renge-tei” will be changed to YohaS BAR
・Daily live performance by world-famous artists

[Main Festival]
6/23 (SAT) 17:00-21:00

[Pre-Festival WEEK]
6/16(SAT) – 6/22(FRI) 17:00-21:00

[6/23(SAT) Main Festival]

Projection mapping & Live performance by world-famous artists

On the climax day of this festival, you can see fantastical “night lotuses” light up with projection mapping on the water. Also you can enjoy live performances by world-famous dancers, singer, Japanese lute performer at the special stage set up on the water. Surreal experience is waiting for you.

[6/23(SAT) Main Festival]

Rain festival

June is rainy season in Japan, and usually people do not want to go outside so much, but we will hold the festival even in rainy days because we would like to make people enjoy the unique season in Japan. We will hold umbrella decoration collaborating with “Tsubaki-mori Komuna”(Social community space with tree houses adjacent to the park).

[6/16(SAT)- 6/23(SAT) Pre-Festival WEEK & Main Festival]


“Renge-tei” that is usually a resource center for Oga lotuses (which is Chiba city’s flower) will change to classy bar starting on 16th. The fancy food cars from “Tsubaki-mori Komuna (Social community space with tree houses adjacent to the park)” are coming up to the main festival. You can enjoy hamburgers, pizza and ice cream, etc.

[6/16(SAT)- 6/23(SAT) Pre-Festival WEEK & Main Festival]

Live performance

Inside “Renge-tei” changed to “YohaS BAR”, you can enjoy both daily performance by world-famous artists at a super close range and digital art working with their performance.
Under the cooperation of Nishimori Laboratory, Kogakuin University School of Architecture, Bonbori Lighting Architect & Associates, Inc. the pond is lightning up with countless LEDs to produce a special feeling different from usual park.


presented by Qualia

Qualia is performing arts group using dance various types of dance techniques, and appealing to your feelings and emotion. Elite members who have prepared for the next big expo held in Asia, US and Europe in will get together for only “YohaS”.

Singer & Hawaiian musician
Naoko Usui

She was so moved by the power of Hawaiian music when she touched it first in 2001. After that, she has delivered her music to various place from outdoor festivals, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and so on. Her unique and breathtaking voice and stage performance go beyond our expectation, and resonates with us.

Tap Dancer
Masaki Murata

Starting street dance from his high school ages, he has performed his tap dance not only in Japan but also outside Japan. His wide range of activities such as workshop, outside festivals, TV CM has caught attention our mind and he has got many awards ever.

Japanese lute performer
Akiko Sakurai

As a musician conveying Japanese traditional music to outside Japan, she has performed her music using Japanese traditional instrument, Japanese lute, and collaborated with many musicians. Her high-skilled performance and activities have been admitted by government and she got a most prominent award from Ministry of Education.
She has been giving a public performance all over the world as a Japan Cultural Envoy appointed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, government of Japan.


Performing collaborated with many artists in art museum, national park, shrine, and on the water. She has known for dramatic space performance such as “aerial” and pole dance. Now she belongs to aerial performance unit, “GROviART”, and expand the possibility of space dance performance.

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